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Studio 603: News

Finally found some help with birds... - May 13, 2006

The dove's around the studio have become so bad that drastic measures needed to be taken....
My van has so much bird "sign" that you can hardly tell what color it is...but I may be in luck, because I found this guy out by the storage shed...
Funny Videos
Funny Videos

He guarantees that I'll have no more problems with the poopy fly-bys from now on, and he seems fairly certain about that...

Get Ready For The End Of The World..... - May 10, 2006

springtime in Cruces - March 19, 2006

Ah yes, the days are getting a little longer, and the cold mornings are beginning to burn off in the early afternoon, it can only mean one thing....spring wind season in the Mesilla Valley! I inhaled so much dirt and dust this past month that I developed a new allergy to las Cruces...some would say that the allergy already exhisted, I can believe that also, but it took me out for a month!
Tab home, happy, huggies and snuglies, thanks to all for your concern, it's much appreciated. I had this little spelling dictionary that I kept by the imac so I didn't come across as so stupid, but I lost it and the real me is forced to spell long words without it, so if I sound like an idiot when I misspell something, I actually am!
Just wanted to write something down to let everyone know that the studio is still operational, and will be up and running this week when Jookie records "Chokula" and "King Vitamin" for the Breakfast Cereal Killers CD, more later!

Life returning to normal - February 3, 2006

Well, here we are at the end of January, really the third of February, and things are settling down after the birth of Jookie's Army's newest volunteers...and life is good...
Gonna start up with recording this month, seeing as a two month break is enough for anyone to get their thoughts together, so stay tuned, new year, new recordings, and the bar is ready...

A Sad day in Las Cruces - January 3, 2006

The Las Cruces music scene lost one of it's most important figures this morning with the passing of Peirce Hubbard, founder of Hubbard's Music and More, and surrogate father to many of the local musicians, myself included.

When I relocated to Las Cruces in 1979 with my Mother and Sister, I quickly found a home at Pop's music store down in the Loretto mall, listening to Pop's views on the world, the music business, and bragging on his whom I still look up to these days.

I can think of no other factor to have a bigger impact on the Southern New Mexico music scene than Hubbard's music stores over the years, and am saddened to hear of our loss, yet I consider myself fortunate to have known the man, and to know I will still see his gentle ways realized through his Sons and Grandchildren.

Three Crosses "Keep the Crosses" - December 24, 2005

By now many of you have heard the song and wrote wanting to know more about it...

(It's available for download here on in the music section)

It was produced at Studio 603 in December 2005 in response to the ridiculous notion that this fellow Paul Weinbaum has brought up about CHANGING THE CITY LOGO BECAUSE IT HAS CROSSES IN IT!! From all of us here at Studio 603 we collectively say to Paul....GET A LIFE!
This is the same guy who tried to enact a smoking ban in local bars..even though he never patronized any of the locations affected by the ban....get the picture?
Local Musicians rallied around the defense of business owners to run their own business their own way, holding fundraising concerts, raising public awareness, and the proposed ban was defeated...These empty lawsuits to pass laws are dangerous because others stand on the shoulders of these ridiculous laws to attempt even more ridiculous policy, and the result is the slow chiping away at our individual rights!

As musicians in Southern New Mexico, we understand that it's hard to be taken seriously by the general population, but once in awhile we are able to lend a hand to a good cause, such as this...and this tune explains the REAL meaning of the Three Crosses, and why they were chosen for the city name and logo...As a memorial, not a religious statement!

Three Crosses was written by Rick Eakens from the Beat Cowboys, and includes local musicians David Wheeler (from Beat Cowboys and Captain Jookie), Jason Chaffee (from Delgado) , Oliver Charity, and Scott Guthrie (both from Captain Jookie and Goat). It's a great colaboration of local musicians representing individual bands coming together to make a difference...

Want to help? Call your district representative and tell them to act against this frivolous and money wasting lawsuit brought against the city...and put the word out yourself!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Happy Hanukkah, and Kwazy Kwanza from all of us here at Studio 603!!

Frankenberry MP3 now online! - December 1, 2005

Frankenberry is one of our faves...Track it's progress at Garageband below!

Studio update - November 28, 2005

The past couple of months have been busy ones, nothing exciting to write about, but I do like to let everyone know that we're alive and kickin down here...
Top news...Beat Cowboys done and Ten Seconds to Liftoff will be done this week! I'm meeting Bill at 4:30 to mix today...just thought you might like to know...
Captain Jookie is coming into the Studio this month to record some new songs for the "Breakfast Cereal Killers" release in early 2006...keep an open ear for that, it should be cool...
Delgado (fresh from their win at the GCS battle of the bands) has decided to re-record after the delay caused by the crazy summer of 2005....look for their new CD in early 2006 as well...
So there you go, chew on that for awhile, and I will update the calendar this week as well.....

Just checkin in - October 25, 2005

Just a note to let everyone know about a few shows this month...
Captain Jookie and Division of Sound will be playing at the Club Friday the 28th of Oct. The Liars will be at Hurricane Alley on the 29th, and The Beat Cowboys will play with Delgado at The Club on the 29th as well, SO GET OUT THERE AND SUPPORT THE SCENE!!!

Big Sound Update - October 9, 2005

Despite several cancelations, the big sound went downtown right on schedule on the 7th. Stepping in at the last minute were downtown vets Zach Fountain, who played for almost an hour, before Jason Chaffee got up and played about 3 tunes to a young, but appreciative crowd. The band Not Yet Seven was in the audience, and grabbed some guitars, and made a great showing, look for them in future Big Sound events, they show the kind of spirit that's going to make this music scene work, no pussies allowed!
Barely legal was next, as the crowd started to gather up, and Cica finished the night to about 100 people, not bad for a cold friday night!
I'll keep you updated on the next Big Sound, should be just after the New Year.

Next Big Sound Downtown Scheduled - October 7, 2005

The next Big Sound will happen on OCT. 7th.. Last time it was great, and I hope we can expect more people at the coming one...bands and updates soon to come...
CD's out soon on Baby Freddie...

Ten Seconds to Liftoff
Beat Cowboys

All released before the end of the year....

Change in Lineup for Big Sound Downtown - October 1, 2005

Hello Folks, well I got the phone call I was waiting for...Nobody Good cancelled at the last minute...However, our good friend David Tucker was able to wrangle another act "Casual Fridays", a ska band, to take their place....Tucker, what a guy.
So come on out and enjoy the show on the 7th,
(I think the kettlekorn guy's going to show up along with the Hot Dog cart supplied by Ta-Ta's concesions..tee hee).
Any questions just call or email.

More calendar dates coming soon - August 29, 2005

Been a busy July and August, but now we can see the light at the end of the tunnel on this summer's recording projects...and thus, now I will update the calendar page!! It was great, someone actually called me and asked why I hadn't updated it..gotta love when things come full new dates at all the clubs and otherwise will soon be up..if only for one person to read..

Great Turnout for Big Sound Downtown Show!! - July 10, 2005

I can't begin to tell you how pleased I am at the turnout for the show on the 9th! Every age was represented, old folks sitting towards the back of the crowd (and a few in the middle), little kids just having fun running around in circles on the grass islands, and more new faces than I have seen in awhile...
First and foremost, I want everyone to find and thank Will Sadler for bringing out the entire PA system for the show, he did us a BIG favor by running the show, and is the main reason the show ran so smoothly, and sounded so good. Thanks again Will!
I owe a big debt of gratitude to all of the bands and musicians that took part in the show...Over the Counter came through in a big way when they stepped in to play the show after another bands last minute cancellation..thanks folks, great show, and nice save.
Chris Shurtz, Kenta Henmi, Steve Macintyre and Alex Rivera did us a big favor by playing a variety of songs from Dead Rose Sinclair and The Damn Rathers, with a few of the old tunes, proving that the old stuff has legs after all...
Rushmore Beekeepers provided a great musical backdrop for the unfolding group of different people showing up and meeting their friends there, great vibe in the middle of the show.
Ten seconds to Liftoff were great as usual, mixing their music with on stage (and in this case, in a tree) antics, it's just the kind of show that young musicians need to be a part fights, no bullshit...smooth all around, you folks are the best.
Special Thanks for all of her help goes to Olivia Henessey for coming through on the city's side of things, this whole event was made possible by her, so thanks again Olivia Henessey!!
Next show is scheduled for mid August, so if you are or know a young band that would like to play these shows, email me your info at

The Big Sound Downtown - July 9, 2005

After some unfortunate cancellations, we now have the FINAL LINEUP FOR THIS SHOW!!!
(i think)
Opening the show is Over the Counter, who were able to make the show at the last minute, so we appriciate them coming out and doing this for us...Then Dead Rose Sinclair , and finishing off with Ten Seconds to Liftoff. This will be my last entry on this show, because if the schedule changes again, I will be in my backyard, under the big tree, in the fetal position, gently rocking back and forth....

Another little distraction - April 10, 2005

Hey, did you ever see a plane break through the sound barrier? Me either until..

Time to Waste Time - March 22, 2005

Tired of being productive? Has the boss come down on you again? Well, escape your everyday ho-hum and waste some time here!

Starting a Monthly Calendar - March 21, 2005

email me with your gigs, I will list all that I get on a monthly calendar and update it every send in those gigs!

Studio 603 Online - March 20, 2005

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