2020 - Ah yes... 2020 

Well, what can I say - this year sucks for just about everyone...

I've taken the opportunity presented by the need to suspend having people in to record to both improve the studio space, and to start a new film grip company..!

603 PRODUCTIONS is now a new sister company to Studio 603, and we're very proud of how well the gear is both coming together, and with our own commitment to industry standards when filling out our compliment of grip gear.

Make sure to check out the website (under CONSTANT construction…

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2016 to 2019 What a time 

So, having almost been killed in a car crash in early 2017, I've had some readjusting to do, both here at the studio and in life.. Nothing too drastic, but time consuming nonetheless...

I'm starting a new production company under the Studio 603 name, which will offer complete film grip and lighting rentals, as well as audio rentals - should be up and running by the end of the year, or early in 2020 - assuming that the world hasn't exploded by then...

As usual, keep informed by checking out the FB page…

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603 Updates 

I obviously don't update this often enough, but hey, it's a recording studio, not a news service!

Many films and bands have passed through the doors here at 603 over the years, too many to list here, but if you're curious about our workflow, please feel free to check out my IMDB page, (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1392866/?ref_=fn_nm_nm_19)

 or the Facebook link at:  https://www.facebook.com/Studio603  -also not updated too regularly!


As usual, I invite everyone to contact me with any projects you might…

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Well, after a lost couple of years working on a Gilbert and Sullivan review, we're back in the music / film production business...

Recent releases include:



Circle of Bears

Blaze the Nation


Dollar Night

Heroes Don't Wear Capes


Roswell FM


The Morninge After



Please continue to support music and film from Southern New Mexico!!

Long Overdue Update! 

A busy year has left us with little time to update the site! Here are a few things that have been going on...

Blaze the Nation is almost done recording it's CD, it's taken awhile as they decided to record 17 songs.

2013 has been dedicated to Reality TV field recording, or so it seems… So far this year, TV shows include :

"Unfaithful" on OWN

"Mysteries at the Museum" on Travel Channel

"America Declassified" on Travel

"Dig Wars" on Travel

"UFC - Road to the Octagon" on Fox

And more!


Film wise, I've been…

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Mid Year Project Update! 

The Morninge After - (That's the correct spelling by the way) - Movie

Folklore - Movie

Roswell FM - Movie

Gee n' Ess n "I" Live show at Boba Cafe - Preparation 

Ongoing Commercials and Voiceovers

Films from Studio 603 to be shown at the White Sands International Film Festival 

The movies REFUGE and LAST DAYS, both posted at Studio 603 will be a part of the White Sands International Film Festival in Las Cruces NM.  The showing of these films is a testament to the tireless effort of the filmmakers from Southern New Mexico in spite of Governor Susana Martinez's never ending war on the film industry in NM.  This years lifetime achievement recipient is Val Kilmer, who will accept his award on Friday August 26th.  

If you are in Las Cruces this weekend, be sure to come out and…

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Hatching Max to be Posted at 603 

Local celeb Mark Medoff has produced and Directed a film from the screenplay written by one of his students Anna Pattison. It stars Tania Raymonde (Lost, Children on their birthdays) and J.D.Hinton as an odd pairing in this cool little film... Local actor C.W.Ayon is also in the mix, playing his one-man-band apparatus and providing depth to the story.. Stay tuned for updates!

Last Days Finished 

After an interesting 2010, Andrew Jara's film "Last Days" was finished in late December. This was a fun project because all of the production sound was corrupted, so the entire soundtrack needed to be created for the film... Dialogue, Foley, Backgrounds, you name it. Andrew and I spent a good couple of months in the HD room sweating over the D-Command, having all of the actors come in and lay down their lines, and my Mother, Freddie Wheeler, actually was the voice of a school teacher in the film! We…

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